A Perfect Day

>> Wednesday, August 10, 2011

On Caden's last day of being 2, we took advantage of one of the MOST PERFECT days you could ever hope for and went into the city. We took the train with our buds, walked down to Millenium Park and just had a fabulous time. Games and crafts and blocks in the FamilyFun Tent, lunch at the Bean, an impromptu performance of the CSO (ok , so they were practicing but it was still pretty cool!!), and then an extended amount of time to splash and play in the faces fountain (it probably has an official name that I just don't know). It was perfect! The weather was great, we were with out best buddies and it was a very fun day!!
Tomorrow is Caden's birthday.... gosh. I can't believe he is so big. He has told me twice this week that he really wants to be a "big guy." But I just want him to stay little a bit longer. he is probably my last "little" and am not ready for that stage to be done. Although, I must announce that he is 95% potty trained and I am pretty excited about that!!
Anyway, more on Caden's birthday and his first interview tomorrow but for tonight... some pics from our very fun and practically perfect day.

Align CenterBuilding houses with the blocks in the Family Fun Tent

Caden's serious, mature side as he sits and listens to the Chicago orchestra practice in Milennium Park

All sorts of splashing fun in the faces fountain

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Baby August 12, 2011 at 4:15 AM  

Happy Birth Day Caden...You are soooooooo sweet.I will pray to god to fulfill all your dreams and make this day a perfect day.God bless you....All baby are love Baby Slings because it They feel safe, and bond with the parent.

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