Puppies in slings

>> Monday, June 25, 2007

I decided to give my son a sling to try and develop the more nurturing side of his rough-and-tumble personality. Now he loves to walk around the house with his puppy in the sling, running and playing and being as rough-and-tumble as ever. But with his trusty puppy at his side. He pauses just to pat the puppy on the head as he turns to me and smiles as if to say, "this is how I do it, right mom?" I guess maybe wearing him for most of his life really has made a difference. He is modeling that you can have your "baby" with you and it doesn't have to slow you down or keep you from what you want to do or where you want to go. I have been teaching him how to nurture others by nurturing him. Wearing him in the sling has hopefully instilled in him this sense of belonging to me, that he is the most important part of my life and my world. And that no matter where I am or what I am doing, my son is my first priority. And now as he runs around being the little boy that he is, he has his favorite puppy along with him and it doesn't slow him down either.

Here is my attempt at putting my puppy in the sling.....doesn't work as well for me as for Lucas. Fun anyway though and Hadley didn't seem to mind!


Wheaton French Market

>> Sunday, June 3, 2007

Yesterday was my first experience selling my slings at the Wheaton French Market. Thanks so much to all of you who stopped by whether to lend moral support or learn more about baby-wearing. It was fun to get to meet so many moms with their babies and connect with new people. I had a blast!!
If you are reading this and are interested in learning more about baby-wearing or purchasing a BabyLove sling, please e-mail me at babyloveslings@gmail.com or just reply to this post including your name and phone number and/or e-mail and I will contact you as soon as I hear from you. Here again is the link to all my current fabrics. I am adding fabrics all the time so check with me if you have a specific request or don't see what you are looking for. I will do my best to get you the sling that is PERFECT for you! It is also best to give me your first and second choice of fabrics in case someone else fell in love with your favorite.
If you bought a sling, I would love to hear feedback from you on how it's going. Thanks again everyone who made my French Market experience so wonderful!!


baby-wearing for all ages

>> Friday, June 1, 2007

Children thrive when they feel valued, loved, and that the adults in their life enjoy being with them. That is why wearing your baby or toddler is so important: it fosters trust and a secure attachment with your baby and gives your toddler a safe place to reconnect and reinforce their bond with you. Dr. Sears says that "when adults wear babies, we let our children know that they are important and that they belong with their parents. We teach our children... that big people care for little people and that babies are fun to be around."
Giving your child a sling of their own teaches them to extend that same feeling of love and importance to others. Your child is never too big or small to feel important to you. Start wearing your baby, no matter their age, today!


baby-wearing on the go

Using a sling is so much easier than a stroller when you're out on the go. Whether it is at the grocery store or the airport or the zoo (like me and Lucas here), it is so convenient to put baby in the sling and be on your way. Lucas loves seeing the world from his cozy sling!!


Baby Love Slings


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