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>> Friday, October 15, 2010

Mommy and the boys will play, I guess.

After a week in Florida, Hubby picked us up from the airport on Tuesday and left Wednesday morning for California for some meetings for work. He'll be home late, late Saturday night. And while I had some help with the boys in Florida, it still feels like I have been flying solo for quite a while.

When he's away, though, I strangely feel free and flexible. We have been running random errands and playing outside and getting together with some friends. I cooked last night but otherwise we have been grabbing food on the go or eating unconventionally. Hubby is not a fan of breakfast for dinner but the boys LOVE pancakes so I think I might make them pumpkin pancakes for dinner tonight to go with all the fall fun we've been having the last few days. And because Hubby goes to bed so early and often has work to do in the evenings, it has not really felt all that different in being alone at night. It is hard to do the boys' bedtime solo and I don't really like that Hubby isn't in the bed sleeping when I go upstairs. And I don't like turning off the TV and all the lights to get ready for bed. I am not usually worried about someone breaking in but in that moment when I go upstairs and lay down in my empty bed, I suddenly start to feel a bit afraid of what I would do if there was an intruder or something. I love my pup, but unless the burglar was violently allergic to barking and licking, I'm not sure he would actually protect me from anyone. Although he may alert me.... anyway.

I took the boys on a 2+hour walk yesterday afternoon since we didn't really have anywhere to be and no real reason to stay inside. We played in the leaves and collected sticks and found a worm and pretended to be fighting the aliens who were following us. We got home around 5:30 and ate dinner and read stories and then put the boys in bed. It was a fabulous, laid back evening. Not that Hubby is up-tight or demanding in anyway. There is just something about flying solo that makes me feel free to bend the "rules" a bit.

I will certainly be glad to have Hubby home. I am kinda used to having him around. :) And it feels like I have been without him for too long. I don't know how military wives or people whose hubbys travel a lot do it. I guess you just adjust and find what works for you. I, thankfully, just have 2more days. We'll make the most of it!!

My precious Lucas

Playing in the leaves

My sweet, crazy Caden
(after seeing these pics, I went and got them both haircuts today! HA!!)

my view of a beautiful fall sunset from my kitchen window- just too pretty not to share

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Melinda October 28, 2010 at 1:15 PM  

I really understand the freedom and flexibility you describe. Your boys look so big now! Time flies by!

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