Snow Day!!

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

These pics are mostly for the grandparents, since most of y'all either also played with your kids in the snow today or aren't super interested that I did. With about 20inches of snow total and drifts up to 5ft deep, once the snow stopped and the sun came out it was the perfect day for a snow adventure. We stayed outside for almost an hour- climbing through the drifts and sliding down our little hilll! The boys were having a blast... and so was I! See for yourself....

Caden didn't want to be left out of the shoveling fun... even toddlers have to clean off their cars.

Oh these two sweet little faces! This snow may be around awhile but seeing these boys smile makes this mama's heart melt.
Sliding down the little hill in our back yard- on their bellies. I offered them the sleds but they were having too much fun this way. I have to admit that I joined in the fun too. :)

LOVE these boys and LOVE snow days!!!

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