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Waiting is what Advent is about. Waiting for that glorious day of Christ's birth. Learning how to wait for his second coming. Learning how to be content to wait.
I have said before that I love that about the Advent season. The build-up, the anticipation. Then comes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and we celebrate the event we have been waiting for. The waiting is exciting because we know what it is we are waiting for. Something good. The One who is the author of all good. Our Saviour. Our King.

But what if we aren't sure what we are waiting for? Is the waiting still exciting?

A few weekends ago, I got a phone call from my mom that my Grandmother was in the hospital and on the ventilator and they thought this was going to be it. After a few days of touch-and-go, she began to recover and is now doing better but they aren't sure for how long. We wait. For what we aren't sure.
My sister, whom I adore, is going through a trial of her own. Circumstances she can't control are getting out of hand and we just want the whole situation to be done. More waiting. Waiting for the clouds to pass so she can again bask in the sunshine.
And me, I am waiting with my family in both these situations. And I am waiting on other things too, some a little more personal. And learning to be quiet in the waiting to see what God may have to say to me during this time. Times of waiting in my past have been powerful. Waiting for my dad to come home from the Persian Gulf war. Waiting for both my children to be born. Waiting as God slowly teaches me about my true identity as His child.

The waiting of Advent is almost done. Christmas Eve is only a few days away. But there is always something we are waiting for. Lord, teach me to be content, excited, and not afraid in the waiting.

I have been praying this prayer to help during my waiting.... If you need a "waiting-prayer," check it out.


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