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>> Monday, July 13, 2009

...we went from this...

How is my baby almost one?!?! When Lucas was almost one, I thought he was starting to look like such a big boy. But I see Caden at 11months and I still see my little baby. He is very mommy-attached, has a killer-cute smile, and cheeks and eyes that make everyone melt. He knows 5-6 signs and 3-4 words (does "uh-oh" count as a word?) And although he needs to learn to be content away from mommy and sleep through the night, I am cherishing the snuggles while I have them. Just tonight, I sat with him snuggled on my chest and wrapped my arms around him. Squeezing tight, I pushed out the flood of thoughts of all the things I must complete before I sleep tonight and just drank in the sweet baby-ness.
Soon he will be one and not really a baby. But yet, always my baby!

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