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>> Thursday, June 10, 2010

I know I just shared some videos of Caden, but this is too cute not to post.

Caden loves to sing along when Hubby or I are singing to him and rocking him at bedtime. It is one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. Several times, I have tried to capture it on video so that I will never forget the way his sweet little voice sounds right now, singing these songs. I can't fully capture how precious the moment is when he has his eyes closed and is falling asleep and yet singing along to hymns and worships songs. As soon as I try to discretely turn on my Flip camera, he opens his eyes and wants to play with the video camera. But, this time, at least I got him to still sing the song so that I could capture it forever.
Int his particular video, I love how at the end you can hear him ask to see the video I just recorded. Isn't it funny how our toddlers know how to operate a DVD player and a cell phone and a laptop before the age of 2! He is such a gadget-loving kid! :)

And while I'm here, I want to ask for your prayers tomorrow. I am seeing a third rheumatologist in the morning, this time at Northwestern Univ. Hospital. I saw another guy out here in the suburbs on Wednesday and he came to the same conclusion as the first with just a slight alteration in the treatment plan. I am hoping that seeing a MD at a teaching hospital will provide me with some fresh insight or thinking in regards to this whole thing. I am not yet pain-free, but I am getting there with the help of some pharmaceuticals and extra sleep. It is both the short-term pain relief and the long-term plan that I need some fresh ideas about. I am not trying to be stubborn or a know-it-all. I just want to make sure we know what this is and treat it appropriately. After having two docs say the same thing, I am not sure what to think and am trying not to get discouraged. But, I think I am putting a lot of weight on what happens tomorrow. So, if you have a second to offer up a quick prayer, I would be very grateful.
I'll update this weekend.

And in other news... I'm going to a pole dancing class Friday night. Ha!!! I'll definitely share more about that.

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Melinda June 11, 2010 at 8:35 PM  

Extra prayers going up for you Farrah. The video was precious and the girls and I were all glued to it, especially little Abby.


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