Dinner with Disney... AKA: Why I need to keep running

>> Thursday, September 16, 2010

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to have dinner with some fabulous bloggers and the nice folks from Disney. We had a super fabulous meal at a place called Carnivale in the city. I took the train in to reduce the stress of driving downtown. It was SO relaxing to sit and listen to music and watch the suburbs pass by.

The food was fabulous, the company was great... overall it was a really fun night out. We got to hear about some fun things that Disney is doing, including their mom panels. I also learned some details about the races that they hold in their parks every year. I knew there was a marathon there and a half-marathon. I really wnat to do one of their princess half-marathons or one of the other races in the park. I think that would be so fun!!! So I guess I better keep running. And after all the delicious food I ate there, I have to keep running to burn all those calories.

Thank you, Disney, for the fun evening out! And the fun gift basket too! :) Oh, and the motivation.

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