How his little mind works

>> Friday, September 21, 2007

This morning I watched Lucas as he rearranged the blocks for about 15min. until they were just as he wanted them. He would take a small one off the top to make room for a larger block then put the small one back on. It was so fun to watch his little brain trying to figure out how those blocks should all go together. I wondered did he have something in his mind he was trying to create or was he just putting them together. Once he got them arranged just so, he started moving them across the floor saying "choo-choo." He had in his mind how best to make the blocks be a train and he didn't stop until they looked just right. What a smart little guy!! Then later in the morning, he saw his reflection in the oven and looked perplexed. "Who is that?" I asked him. He paused, then pointed to his reflection and said "YOU." If you ask him his name, he says "me." But when he sees his reflection he says "you." He is such a little sponge, spitting back the things he hears and sees. I love to see how he is processing the world around him and learning to interact. Sometimes his cuteness overwhelms me! :)


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