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>> Saturday, March 8, 2008

As a big fan of HBO's series Sex and the City, I can almost always think of an episode that has some relevance to my current situation, however obscure and random the connection may be. There is an episode in season 3 where Samantha thinks she is "drying up" and begins to mourn the loss of her sexual youth. This episode came to my mind today as I lay in bed trying to.... nap (get your minds out of the gutter people.) I have lost my ability to nap!! Such tragedy!!

I have always loved to nap. In college, in nursing school, any sunday afternoon... I am a big fan of naps. Some of the greatest, most relaxing moments of my life have been spent laying on the beach with the sun warming my skin and my eyes closed as I drift off with the sound of the ocean in my ears. I can't confirm this, but I am pretty sure I was the only kindergartner who cherished that mid-day rest. But naps take on a whole new importance once you are a mom. They are vital to our mental and physical health. I still try to nap when Lucas naps. I depend on it. And now that I am pregnant, I really can't make it through the day with a high-maintenance 2yr. old and very active Beagle without my mid-day recharging. But, for several days in a row now, I have laid down when Lucas is asleep only to lay there for over an hour, not being able to shut down, and I feel more tired when I finally get up than when I started. What is wrong with me? Where did my nap go?!?!
It is not that I am not tired. I am exhausted. I can't shut my mind off. Or the phone rings just as I am drifting off and then it is over. Today, it was hubby snoring in the recliner, thoroughly enjoying his nap, that kept me from napping bliss of my own. I have tried turning off the phone and turning on the TV softly in the background to provide some background noise. Nothing seems to be working. My brain is in over-drive mode with all the current drama in my life and I can't turn it off long enough to let my body relax and get some rest. The best sleep I get during the entire day is from 9-11pm when I am over-spent from the day and I crash on the couch. But because I sleep then, when I get upstairs to bed I cannot go back to sleep and I spend half the night awake, thinking and planning and reliving the past and rehearsing the future. This makes my nap even more crucial and it is gone!!

Please nap...come back! I need you!!
How do I get my nap back?
P.S.~As a side note for any fellow SATC fans out there.... are you pumped for the movie coming this spring? :) May 30!!! Can't wait!!


hollibobolli March 9, 2008 at 12:06 PM  

I was going to say - I just read something about the SATC movie - I'm really interested to see if it will be good or bad or what.. I just can't imagine, but I so miss the show!! I feel the same way about Six Feet Under, that was my favorite show of all time on HBO.

I totally lost my nap too!!! I did buy these CDs from Amazon that increased Alpha waves or something - and I'm bummed I lost them in a move because they actually helped. They used to knock us all out whenever we needed to sleep - including Nate Nate, my dog!!! My mom said it sounded like an alien spaceship in my bedroom when she visited, but they were these scienticially proven..

I'm just rambling. If you're interested I can try and find the link - I may need to get them for me. My insomnia has sucked lately!!

Heather March 10, 2008 at 8:32 PM  

I never got into SATC b/c we didn't have HBO until just recently. But I can totally relate about the nap!

I always enjoy naps, but rarely do I partake. If I do, it is ruined by Hubby's snores. I've had to relearn the nap with Ladybug. And I LOVE to nap with her! I don't do it always, but when she has an early morning, by midday, I need a nap!

Hope you're feeling well!

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