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>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My friend Melinda over at Shore's End is starting a weekly carnival where we can all celebrate our favorite toys and even share about the one's that were not so great. So without further ado, here is my contribution to "Toy Chest Tuesday" and the culmination of my celebration of International Babywearing week.

When Lucas was very young, 9-10months maybe, I gave him his first sling. He was very accustomed to riding in it and loved his sling time with mama. So when he got his own Lucas-sized sling, he thought it was such a great thing. He would carry EVERYTHING in that sling. He put his little puppy in the sling, he put trucks in there... basically anything he valued or wanted near him. He knew that to be carried in a sling meant something. It meant that the carrier cherished whomever he or she chose to carry and placed high value on that someone (or something) in your sling. By carrying my son, I was teaching him not only about how much I care for him but also how to care for others. Still today, at 2 1/2yrs old, he carries his treasures in the sling. These days it is Cookie Monster (whom he calls "Lisa" oddly enough) and a little lamb he calls "Sweet Little Child." He carries them to take care of them and have them near to him. He tells me, "Mommy, Sweet Little Child is feeling a little sad. She needs me to carry her in my sling." He is learning to care for someone's needs beyond his own and show compassion. What better thing could I hope for him? And if a simple toy sling helps me teach him that, then all the better. It is the perfect example of why we carry our babies. Sure we carry them for the convenience and to save our aching arms and shoulders. But mostly, I carry my sons because I cherish them and place unmeasurable value in holding them close to me. I want them with me. They belong with me. And carrying them teaches them that they are valued by me. It nurtures their little souls and gives them strength and confidence... a safe place to rest but also a secure foundation to branch out from.
So, one of my favorite toys... yup, a precious doll sling for our little treasured ones to carry their own treasures.

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