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>> Monday, October 8, 2007

So I don't profess to be a good driver. Maybe because I am always thinking about a million other things or am perpetually running behind or I try to cram too much into short amounts of time. Sound familiar, mamas? I don't really like to drive. It freaks me out a little for myself and my son to be in this large, steel contraption going 50+ mph with dozens of other people doing the same and faster. So much potential for tragedy.
Several months ago I got a speeding ticket just because I wasn't paying attention to how fast I was going. I wasn't really in a rush, at least not that time. I think I was giving Lucas a snack or his juice or any number of other things to keep him happy. A couple weeks later, I bumped the bumper of a girl at a light because I had seen the light turn green and started driving without making sure the car in front of me started driving first. Details, details... Too much on my mind. Then a few weeks ago, I got backed into by a cute elderly gentleman in the Target parking lot. Last Friday, I was turning left on a green arrow and someone ran the light. It was too late to slam my brakes so I floored the gas instead. The other car's brakes screeched and they swerved and thankfully our cars never as much as brushed each other. I sat in the parking lot I had turned into and cried. That car would have crushed my son. I couldn't do anything but repeat the phrase "God's hand of protection, God's hand of protection." I am not a great driver, but at least I am aware that it is one of my many deficiencies and I try to compensate. I can't control the driving of others and that scares me. In all these auto situations, the result could have been far worse than it was. I am forever stuck by how many times God's hand of protection keeps me from colliding with things that can hurt me or my family... in the car and elsewhere.
I am a nurse who treats patients coming in with acute heart attacks, strokes, and other emergency type situations. Just this weekend, I met a family whose 60yr. old father was within minutes of his last breath but we got him into our lab and opened up the blood flow to his heart and he is going to be fine (with a little medicine and quitting smoking that is.) He thought his pain was indigestion and almost didn't call 911. God's hand of protection.
How many times a day, a week do we find ourselves thinking "man, that could have been awful"? Or most times are we totally unaware of the ways God keeps us from danger? I am a natural worrier. But when I see how God sent his angels to protect my son and my car from being crushed by someone else's carelessness, I am reminded that God doesn't need me to worry about things for Him to take care of them. He is taking care of it already. Whether it be in the car or wherever else I need protecting, I am so thankful that His hand is always on me and those I love.


Catherine October 8, 2007 at 4:08 PM  

Oh wow. I don't know what to say first:

I'm so sorry that happened to you - I'm almost crying with you just reading it! I'm so glad you both were ok.

I totally feel the same about driving - so dangerous, so scary.

Wow, what a great lesson to tie it all in. Thanks - you're a great blogger!

TwoSquareMeals October 8, 2007 at 7:49 PM  

That's such a hard thing for moms, learning to trust that God has it under control. I think most women are prone to try to control things and to worry about all of the things that we can't control. I have experienced so many times in my life as a mother when fear has nearly paralyzed me. I even spent a while not wanting my kids to play outside because I was afraid of snakes and black widow spiders.

Thanks for the reminder that our days are in God's hands, and that He can actually control those things. If I try to control too much I actually end up doing harm to my children. They may miss playing outside, but they may also miss learning to trust God for themselves.

Earthmommy October 9, 2007 at 9:25 PM  

I am SO glad you are both ok. GOd always watches over us, but we as humans out ourselves in dangerous situations without even realizing it. I am the same way you are, sometimes driving scares the wits out of me and I have been driving for 20+ years. This is just one of many, many things we have to trust God with on a day to day basis.

Ashley October 30, 2007 at 6:41 PM  

His hand of protection extends to your sis in South Florida too! Thursday night I went downtown to go to a movie with a friend, and after I stayed to listen to some live music. One song turned into two...and then it was 3 a.m. (I can hear all the gasps from the moms...). Downtown Ft. Laud is a second home to me and my girlfriends--we know the bad parts of town, we always walk together...I thought we had it to a perfect science. Well, I had a friend walk me to the parking garage and we split ways there. I managed to lose my token (automated parking meter allows you to leave when you insert the token)so when I saw a parking attendant I thanked God that I wouldn't be wandering around by myself. The parking attendant ended up cornering me, and making me pay him $100 just to get out of the garage when the sign said "lost token $25". At first I refused to pay--but when I realized he wasn't going to let me out until I did, I paid--but he still didn't let me go. I called 911. When the cops came, he had already given me the token, but kept my money. He had kept me there for 45 minutes even after I paid. The cops came, and were absolutely no help-- only costing me more time. So...the point?

I was furious--as a law student, having been extorted and held against my will, I was outraged and full of threats of legal action. That is, until the next day when I took my car in to get the battery replaced. As my loyal and 100% trustworthy mechanic raised the hood, he gasped and called me over. There was the battery--covered in battery acid, the plastic casing completely melted... It had not looked that way the night before when I gave it a jump to go downtown (I had left my lights on...thought it would recharge). Mark said I should consider myself a very very lucky woman--that the condition of the battery could be equated with live dynamite--and the fact that it didn't blow me up is a miracle.

Its obvious to me what happened. The night before...had I started my car when I wanted to go home, it would have blown. It probably cooled off during the time the guy was holding me there--or when i was arguing with the cops...

God's Hand...saying I have a second chance on life is an understatement.

Farrah October 30, 2007 at 7:48 PM  

ASH!!! Unbelievable! Call me soon.

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