Sleep..... oh, how I need some!!

>> Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am over here today talking about Lucas and his sleep challenges. What is a mama to do? Really, I NEED to know!!! Any advice???


Anonymous July 10, 2008 at 7:48 PM  

This was seriously us a few months back - I hated that 3am-5am time when David would wake up and it was just miserable. Turns out he was dropping his nap, so the first thing I would experiment with is cutting out his nap for a few days and see if that helps his nighttime sleep. I personally think that it is only a small percentage of kids that fall asleep at 7pm and wake up at 7am with a solid 2 hour nap in the middle of the day - David certainly isn't like that!

Here's my two posts about his sleep issues - I think you should be able to see them as long as you're signed in.

Atwood-Family of 3 July 11, 2008 at 6:53 AM  

Have you looked into the book called "Healthy sleep habits happy child"? It's my all time go to book on sleep. It sounds like he might be overtired, which is making him sleep less. It might be time to figure out how to "put your foot down" on this one. I give you credit because if it was our kid, we would go in and comfort her for about one minute, close her door (she's still in a crib), close our door and turn on the fan so we could ignore it and continue to sleep. We decided when she was a tiny infant that I would comfort her to go to sleep and for naps, but never during the night. So I would get up, feed her, change her diaper, and after all that put her in her crib. If she felt like being awake or crying or playing, she was going to do it alone. Sleep was too important to both of us (or all 3 of us?) to have anyone playing w/ her or comforting her back to sleep. Fortunately we got really lucky and we left the monitor on really quiet and she has never needed to be comforted back to sleep. When we have another it will be even more important to let #2 get him/herself back to sleep and not have mama or dada doing it. (As there is less time to take naps and get breaks w/ 2 kids). Anyway, that's just me. I tend to be a much more strict and selfish parent, but I am a much better parent when I am that way.

Anyway, find out what is right for you and perhaps check out some books. Maybe Dr. Sears has some good advice on the more AP approach. The book I recommended is more of a middle ground between AP and very strict (CIO) parenting. He recommends strongly that you decide your child sleeping is important for your and his health and you have him do it with love. He offers solutions for both CIO parents and more AP parents. Also, I think the no cry sleep solution has one for toddlers, which is obviously more AP. Good luck!

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