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For those of you following along at home to the drama that is continually unfolding here on my blog in my life.... Lucas has slept past 6am for the past two mornings and not woken up at all during the night. We have been giving him some Tylenol to help with the molars, we flipped his bed so the sun won't shine in his face in the morning, it has been overcast the last two mornings, he has been falling asleep on his own for the last week or two (as opposed to us patting/singing until he falls asleep).... But no matter what the source of this new found sleep, I am grateful and hoping that this is the beginning of a new trend.

I decided to give our sub-par park district class another shot. We missed a week due to the babywearing conference but we heard that the teacher was much improved the second week. I, however, did not get the opportunity to see the improvements.
This week was a bit better, I guess. The teacher did read one story during "All the Stories We Will Read" (feel the sarcasm?), we played in the gym for 10min during the stories class and then never stepped foot in the gym again during the fitness class. Lucas did play with some dinos and train tracks which is SO different than what we do at home and worth spending money on a class for (more sarcasm). At different points during the 90min. waste-of-my-time-and-money class, I rescued a little Chinese girl (who, as you may recall, speaks NO English) from running around the room with scissors and then sat stunned when the "teacher" asked me if I had seen any children escape out the door. WHAT!!! How is it my job to make sure children don't escape?!?! And do you think I would just let a child escape and not say anything or chase them down?!?! I know a waddle a bit with this huge basketball under my tank-top but that doesn't mean I can't still beat out a 2yr old runaway! I am SO writing a letter and requesting compensation for this "class." Lucas now frequently repeats the phrase "we are SO done with gym class." I wonder where he has heard that before?

My platelets have taken a turn for the worse. Most normal people who don't attack their own platelets have somewhere around 200-300 thousand of the little clotting machines. My pregnant body apparently doesn't approve of clotting. When my number went below 100 thousand, we knew that the spinal vs. general anesthesia decision would be tricky. If the hit 50 thousand, the decision is no longer ours to make. General anesthesia it will be. Well, with 5 weeks to go I am sitting at 62,000 and have been dropping about 10,000/week. My OB wants to start me on steriods to try and slow the decline and maybe even give me a bump. And, we will probably move the delivery up a bit to try and stay ahead of the game. I am getting used to being totally out of control. Truthfully, the last week has been very frustrating. It just seems to not be playing out the way I imagined it. But, there is still time for things to work out and/or me to come to terms with the way things have to be. I would rather be awake to hear my son cry and I would rather the timing be perfect. But in the end, if my son is born safe and healthy and I am safe and healthy, I guess all other details will seem less crucial. I could still use your prayers for the whole situation though.

In other news....

We took Lucas on the "Little Buddies Tour" at the hospital today. He got to practice putting a little hat on a babydoll, giving the baby a bottle, and stand at the nursery window and see all the newborns. It was a reality check for all three of us, I think. Lucas loved seeing all the babies. And I stood there, watching my baby look at the babies, and couldn't help but feel emotional and a little awe-struck. One of those is entering my world soon. Wow. My little Lucas, my cuddly yet oh-so-rowdy little boy, is getting so big. And the one in my belly is going to come out soon and he will be so little. And we start all over. Wow.
On top of it all, we watched the movie "Juno" tonight. I think I need to say more about this whole train of emotions but I need to let them percolate a little first....
We also took Lucas to the zoo today. The day was perfect. Perfect weather, small crowds, animal after animal. All three of us had a blast. Some really good family time that we were all desperately in need of. It is amazing how a little quality time together smooths so many relationship-wrinkles. Lucas had fun, Hubby had fun, and Mommy had fun too. Perfect.


Atwood-Family of 3 July 13, 2008 at 7:50 AM  

I'm so glad you got some sleep! Good for you! Have you tried putting a blanket over the window. It certainly isn't a good interior design choice, but it keeps the room darker. Anne's room has sported a blanket since the first day she took a nap in there and it hasn't gone down since, not even for one little nap or bedtime...

Heather @ Not a DIY Life July 13, 2008 at 10:07 AM  

Yay on Lucas sleeping! What a relief!

Praying for you, your platelettes, and Baby Next. My sis has platelette difficulties, but hasn't been thru pregnancy yet, so I know that will be something she'll have to watch when the time comes.

Yes, it is amazing how quality time smooths out so much in our relationships. I pray you'll be able to find more quality time in the next few weeks.


Elizabeth July 13, 2008 at 10:20 AM  

oh Farrah i am sorry to hear about your platelets! If you move up your delivery and you need preemie clothes...I have them! Lord do I have them.

I am sorry that you will not be awake to hear your new boy cry the first time, I know that means a lot to you.

Small aside, we were at brookfield on saturday too!

Adventures In Babywearing July 13, 2008 at 11:18 AM  

I hope all is well. Please keep us posted! I am thinking & praying...


TwoSquareMeals July 14, 2008 at 1:30 PM  

I'm so glad Lucas slept this weekend! We were away from the boys, and as I was falling asleep on Friday, I prayed that Lucas would sleep well and sleep in for you. Now on to praying about platelet counts! Love you!

Earthmommy July 15, 2008 at 5:16 PM  

I love the way you embrace motherhood so fully...it is so obvious inour writing and I am always inspired as a mom reading your blog. I left an award for you at my Shore's End blog.

Katharos July 17, 2008 at 11:25 AM  

Sweet friend! What trials you have been going through! I am sorry to hear about the platelettes. I pray that you will have the opportunity to have the birth experience you envision, but in case you don't I pray that however it happens you both are safe, happy, and healthy.

On the sleep front - oh how I can relate. Katherine slept through the night for one of the first times in her 2 1/2 years about two weeks before Jack was born. It was almost as if God was providing some much needed rest in anticipation of the new journey we would begin with another baby at home.

I did find some tips in both Dr. Sears' book "The Baby Sleep Book" and Elizabeth Pantley's "No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers."

Of course, it isn't so easy that she has continued to sleep so well after Jack arrived, but it is much better than it was even a month before he was born! And bless him, he is a pretty good sleeper so far so that also helps when it is just me alone for a few days with the two of them.

Praying for your health, your sleep, and family harmony!

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