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>> Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Friday, we drove downtown to see all the city lights while listening to Christmas music on the radio. We didn't get out of the car (the easiest way to do city lights with a toddler if you ask me) but we rolled the windows down and watched the lights and listened to the sounds of the city. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." (did you sing it in your head?)

I actually put up my Christmas tree last night in preparation for a playgroup party at my house today. This is the earliest I have ever done it. The tradition in my house is that the tree stays up until Jan. 7 which is my birthday!! We (o.k. mostly me) like to extend the party around here. :) We had a great little book exchange with the playgroup kiddos this morning and I am feeling the Christmas bug start to bite! I had my first glass of egg nog last night and I just ordered this adorable apron for my son who LOVES to cook with mommy and is getting into painting and other crafts. He will look so adorabable! You can get your own cute gift from She is giving away a $200 gift certificate too. I know that would put me in the Christmas mood. How 'bout you? :)

What puts you in the Christmas spirit? Music? Parties? Shopping? Spending time with friends and family? I don't know that I love Christmas the holiday as much as I love the feeling, the spirit, around this time of year. I love the house feeling festive and picking out gifts for my loved ones. I love that everyone starts focusing on spending time with people and showing them how much they mean to each other. I love how our priorities seem to shift at Christmas. We aren't as concerned with the "doing" as we are with just "being" and experiencing the season. At least that is how it should be. I don't always get it right, but that is why I love Christmas.
Christmas is the perfect season for people like me. I love to give gifts and get them. Mostly because a well-given gift expresses so much love and regard for the person. I give gifts out of love and I feel loved when I get them. I love to be hospitable and entertain well. Christmas is the perfect season for that. I love to plan meaningful events with people that I love. I love to decorate and make things look pretty. Again,
this season is for me. I hope this season has its joys for you too. We should all take the time to just "be" this Christmas with those we love.


Earthmommy November 26, 2007 at 8:51 PM  

I totally agree! Christmas is magical to me and I look forward to it all year long! We always put up our tree early (usually on Thansgiving) so we can enjoy it.

Wendy November 27, 2007 at 11:19 PM  

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday and time of year (with Thanksgiving a close second). I love the music (most of it, anyway), and the excitement my children generate as it gets closer is simply contagious.

Congrats on getting your tree up so fast! We won't get ours for at least another week.

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