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>> Saturday, August 9, 2008

With the time for the birth of my child drawing nearer and nearer, my emotions (and the organization efforts) are in high gear as you may expect. Today was no exception.

This morning, we had a service project with our church. We went and packaged food to be sent to hungry children in over 40 different countries. I had heard from many people that had done it before that it was an amazing experience. But I wasn't totally prepared for the emotional impact it would have on me. From the introductory video, to praying over the boxes we packed, to seeing the amazing pictures of malnourished children before and after.... it was overwhelming. Here I am, less than 48hours from bringing a child into the world, and feeling like my life is full of drama. But then I see these kids, who have so little, and I realize how amazingly blessed my life and my family is. That sounds so cliche, that my drama seems so much less significant after being reminded of the suffering of others. But it was emotional and humbling and made me want to come home and kiss Lucas a million times.

The organization we worked with today is called Feed My Starving Children. They are admirable and honest and commited to responding to Christ's command that we feed the hungry. And I was honored to be a very small part of it today.

My parents are both in town for the big event on Monday. Lucas loves his "Pa" and had a blast today playing in the dirt and feeding the ducks and collecting sticks. My dad gave him a bath and he was a little out of sorts when he got out. I was in his room putting laundry away and he ran over to me, nakie in his towel, and collapsed into my lap laying his head on my chest. I sat there on the floor, holding my baby, rocking him and resting my cheek on his little wet head. With my eyes closed, I soaked in one of the last moments that Lucas will be my baby. I couldn't help the tears, for the second time today. He got up to pick some books and I asked if we should put on his diaper and jammies. "No Mommy, I just want to snuggle with you" has said as he crumpled back into my lap. I gladly held him a little longer, not really wanting that moment to end.

Life is about to change... a lot. For the better....probably. I mean, of course for the better. I already can't imagine life without this baby and I haven't even met him yet. But it is still change and that always requires some adjustment. But after the high emotions of today, I am just feeling so grateful for what I have and acutely aware of the ways I am blessed.


Atwood-Family of 3 August 10, 2008 at 7:34 AM  

When is the big event monday? I hope you will keep us all posted when you get a chance. Praying for a great delivery and most importantly, a healthy mom and baby boy.

TwoSquareMeals August 10, 2008 at 7:38 AM  

We're praying for you all. And it's okay to be a bit sad about losing Lucas' baby years. I definitely mourned the loss of our family and our mommy-son relationship as it was when I was approaching Hobbes due date. Of course, now that he is here, our family would feel incomplete without him. Can't wait to meet your little guy!

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