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>> Thursday, April 9, 2009

I have been all over the place lately... doing five million different things. The biggest? My new blog/website DupageMamas. I started this site with a friend to give moms in our community a new voice. It is a place for moms to connect with other local moms and to share resources and help each other with this task of raising our kids. I am super-excited about it and we are already getting some good buzz. Our official launch is next Wednesday the 15th and we are kicking things off with a week of straight giveaways! Come check us out and help me feel like all this work I have put into it has been worth the time! :)

I have also been busy contributing here about my recent itch (don't worry, not THAT kind of itch....)

And here (at my other new home, Chicagonista) about Lucas' birthday and our cool find in downtown Wheaton.

Plus it is Holy Week, and I am trying (keyword=trying) to build time into my day for reflection and quiet. Maybe more on that tomorrow.

Oh, and if I don't say it enough. If you are here and reading my blog and sharing in my motherhood journey. Thank you. I value all of you and the therapy that this blog provides me.

Peace to you.

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