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>> Saturday, January 12, 2008

Over Christmas, my sister got me hooked on the show "Project Runway" on Bravo. So now, my latest obsession is "Make me a Supermodel," also on Bravo. I think I like it for some of the same reasons that I am a "Sex in the City" fan.... fashion, drama, living vicariously through total strangers... These beautiful people are competing for a contract with a top NY model agency. I love the challenges and the clothes. I am officially hooked. "Project Runway" feeds that same obsession. I wouldn't call myself a fashionable dresser but I fantasize that I am and maybe will be someday. I so wish I could design cool clothes or at least wear them. I love the unique styles, the classic and the crazy. I love picking my favorite and then cheering them on. My favorite super-model-wanna-bes are Perry and Jacki. My one problem, our Tivo isn't connected to our HD Cable so I can't record these shows. I will have to try to catch them live or one of the many re-runs throughout the week. It is like an hour vacation for my brain. I need that now and then.

Speaking of reality TV obsessions, three more days until Idol....


Catherine January 12, 2008 at 10:47 PM  

When you start your own fashion line, I'm buying it!

B January 14, 2008 at 9:55 PM  


I went to fashion design school -- so have fun with it! HAHA It was my obsession too until I realized you couldn't actually get a salaried job actually designing clothing haha.

ANYWAY, i referred some people to your site, so if you get any sling orders from Dallas, TX it might be bc of me! best of luck!

Lisa "Marie" January 16, 2008 at 10:19 PM  

I LOVE Project Runway :-) And I love PR marathons! Ha! Have you gotten to see any of the old episodes from earlier this season or the past seasons? Good stuff!

I've decided they must have a "design a dress only using Kleenex" challenge coming up the next week or so. It's the only possible reason I can see that they would be sparing Ricky completely unjustifiably every week. He (and his constant crying) drives me nuts, his work isn't good much of the time, and he's been in the bottom three nearly every week. Ugh. LOL!

Literacygirl January 17, 2008 at 8:01 AM  

Farrah- I love Bravo too. But I just can't get into PR this year. I loved it last season. My favorite BRAVO shows are Real Housewives of Orange County, Real Chefs, Work Out, & many, many more. Oh yeah... that crude Kathy Griffin show: Life on tbe "B" list. I am such a sinner saved only by God's merciful grace.
-Cousin of Cathala

Lisa "Marie" January 17, 2008 at 8:56 PM  

Ok, so I ::almost:: included this the other day...but then chickened out thinking you might think I was crazy. One of my favorite spots to read after PR is first the Bravo Blogs (particularly) "Tim's Take" (last week I thought was spot on...especially in his puzzlement over why Victorya won) but then really

The latter is...nearly always hysterical. I mean, gotta love this description of Christian "Christian's me-me-me, hyperactive hamster-on-meth version" (they were contrasting Chris/Christian and how they thought last night's pairing would be a disaster and not a dream team) How spot on is that? :-)

Speaking of last night, man did I dislike Rami. I felt horrible for Sweet Pea. She needed another personality Mean Pea to take Rami down a peg. Jeepers!

Wish I could watch with you some night.

Speaking of which, don't you need to come visit your certain family member who lives "up the road" (generally speaking) from me sometime soon...?? Or at least don't you want an escape from cold and snow? It was in the 70's over the weekend (not that I can get out at the moment as you may hae seen on my blog. LOL)

Tell hubby that you need some sun and come west for a bit! Or you need a trip to the garment district in LA. I have friends there... (really)...heck...I've gotten marriage proposals there, too. What is it with me and marriage proposals from anyone other than the right guy? LOL

But really...come visit! It's been too long since you've been out here! We could meet KLB at Disneyland.......

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