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>> Thursday, May 7, 2009

My sister is graduating from law school this weekend!! Hooray!! It has been a long, challenging journey for her with lots of speed bumps thrown in her way. And yet, she has persevered and we are all SO PROUD!! To celebrate, the boys and I are going to Florida tomorrow to be with her and then spend a week on the beach. What a self-less sister I am? :) Another bonus, I will be with my mom on Mother's Day this year for the first time in 10years!

Life has been so busy and complicated lately that I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to some beach therapy. Being on the beach, for me, is like letting out one big exhale. It is letting go of all the tension, the stress, the guilt, the worry. It is like breathing in peace and rest. I just SO love the beach and I am in need of it's therapy. I love my life, I really do. But that doesn't mean I don't need a break from it from time-to-time. And now is definitely one of those times.

God is teaching me so much right now- about being a good wife and a good mom and being true to myself through it all. It is hard for me not to lose myself in taking care of the needs of others. I tend to judge my self-worth by the happiness of Hubby and Lucas and Caden and my family and friends. This makes it so easy to keep adding things and adding things into my life, thinking that the next thing I do will truly be the thing that makes me happy. Makes me have value for being just me. But with God's help, I am really trying to learn to find my joy in Him and the things He blesses me with. Not in whether or not Hubby is content or Lucas has a good discipline day. Those are not the measures of my worth.
This is another reason I am in need of some beach time. I need to step away from daily life for a bit to be able to see it clearly and put things into some proper perspective. Hopefully, I will come home refreshed and refocused and ready to embrace life with joy, no matter what.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures we had done of the boys. Theya re just so stinkin' cute, I can hardly stand it!! A friend of mine took these and she is fantastic!!

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Smiling Mama May 7, 2009 at 8:54 AM  

Those pics are so adorable! I know what you mean about the beach--it is incredibly restorative for me, too. I'm already anticipating our week there in July. Have fun and congrats to your sister!

Melinda May 9, 2009 at 9:45 PM  

Farrah, those pictures (and your boys and you) are so beautiful! I am jealous of your week at the beach, lol but I agree totally with your take of beach therapy. I feel much the same way you do when I am by the ocean. It's a cleansing and healing energy there, for sure.

I know what you mean too about measuring self worth through the happiness of others. I think that's a pitfall all moms are prone to fall into but it is not constructive or good for us.

Enjoy your trip!!

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