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>> Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I have seriously never won anything in my life. I am notoriously unlucky like that. I entered probably hundreds of contests during both of the Bloggy Carnivals (which are starting again in a few weeks) and I didn't win a single thing either time ....that is just the way my luck has been... until today.

Some of you may know that there is a new radio station in Chicagoland.
Fresh 105.9 is like a cross between a top 40 and a lite station. As a way to promote themselves, they were giving away concert tickets to one lucky fan who registered for their on-line fan club. Well, I literally just got off the phone with someone from the station who informed me that I WON!!! I can't believe it. Little ol' unlucky me!! The tickets are to a Dave Matthews concert this summer and I have been a huge Dave fan since I was in high school. He got started at University of Virginia, about 2 hours from where I went to high school. My friends and I used to go see him all the time in little venues where he was selling CDs from his van trying to get started. Now it is like the hottest ticket in town... and I just won two of them!!! Hooray!! The only catch... the concert is like two weeks before I am due to give birth and Dave concerts are not exactly known for their abundance of fresh air (if you know what I am saying...). I may have to get OB approval, or just give the tickets to my sister who is a bigger fan than me. Either way, I WON and I am pumped about it! :)


Heather April 9, 2008 at 7:15 PM  

Yay for you!!! And the only giveaway I've won while blogging was my first week in the blogosphere and it wasn't a big giveaway carnival.

I know what ya mean about the air not being fresh. I went to a Chicago/Moody Blues concert in college (does that date me?) and the air was, shall we say, a bit "sweet" smelling! I got the munchies! ;-0

Crunchy Domestic Goddess April 11, 2008 at 10:33 PM  

oooh, what a great concert that will be. i so hope you can go to it! congratulations. :)))

Ashley April 22, 2008 at 6:51 AM friend...

How appropriate is this? You no doubt remember chaperoning me and J.P. to my very first dave show in 9th grade, you home on break from Freshman year at Wheaton... and just as you "mothered" me at that show ["ashley...stop smoking that!"] your motherhood will too surround you and your Dancing Nancies

And for all you peeps who don't know me...I'm the obsessed Dave fan/law student/south florida sun goddess sister of Farrah's... that will personally come after you if you interfere with her giving me those tickets. You've been warned.



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