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>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

I am not really in need of something else to watch while I stay up too late and hubby goes to bed early.... my Bravo addiction takes up that time quite nicely. But, the nice folks over at TNT television shared this cool new show with me and I think the Real Houswives may have some competition.
Hubby and I loved watching Tom Cavanagh as Ed and years ago I was a fan of Will and Grace, so I was pretty excited to see two of my favorite actors in something new. Monica Potter also stars in this new show and she is great too. The show, Trust Me, is all about a Chicago ad agency where the pace of life is fast and the characters learn how to keep true to themselves in the midst of their high-intensity world. I got to preview the pilot and the first episode and now am pretty-well hooked. I like the dynamic between the two main characters, Mason and Conner (Eric McCormick and Tom Cavanagh) and the comic relief of Monica Potter's character. Their banter is witty and funny and yet they are truly trying to figure out how to balance the demands of their lives with the things that are truly important. Gee, that sounds awfully familiar...

Plus, it is set in Chicago so there is always a chance of seeing somewhere I have been or at least recognize which is kinda fun. I, unfortunately, had to miss a luncheon event with Monica that many of my friends got to attend. Maybe next time! I was preschool shopping.... more on that another time.
Anyway, Trust Me promises to be a fun new show, one worth Tivo-ing for sure. That way I can watch at midnight when I finally get my "me-time"! :)
Trust Me premieres on TNT tomorrow night (Monday the 26th) and 9central. Check it out!

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