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>> Friday, March 27, 2009

A few months ago, I attended a party sponsored by a popular cleaning products company. One of the perks of the party was that in exchange for our old cleaning products, we left there with a bag of party-swag: a variety of non-toxic cleansers and the such. Now, I am a girl who loves her freebies, but this particular swag was right up my alley. The nurse in me wants my house and clothes and boys clean and sanitized and as germ-free as possible. But the mom in me doesn't want to use anything around my family that might possibly do more harm than good. I had officially been bitten by the "green-cleanser bug."

So imagine my thrill to find another source for my eco/family-friendly products fix. Eco Store is this awesome website where you too can get your fill of chemical-free cleansers, soap, shampoo, detergents... You name it, they make it. And they make it with all natural ingredients that are actually good for you and your home.
So far I have tried their laundry whitener, baby shampoo and their dog shampoo. I can't think of a single thing I don't like about any of the three. We added a scoop of the laundry whitener to a load of whites and it made the clothes smell super-fresh. I think is was the citrus oil that they add. Per their instructions, I added a scoop to a bucket of water and let some of Caden's clothes soak. The baby-poop stains came remarkably clean.
Their baby bath as a lovely lavender scent and the puppy wash was really nice too. My pup never smelled so good! :)
But beyond the nice smell and good results, I know that I am not exposing my house or my family to any unneccesary toxic chemicals. And I can feel good about that. I have already ordered some other products to try.

Check out their website. They have a couple fun videos and a ton of information about why it is important to use "green" products in our home and on our skin.
With EcoStore, you know you are getting a reasonably priced, safe product that will not only work well but will also be good for the planet and your family. You gotta love it!

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