A good day- simple, but one of the best!

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008

My day started at 5:40 when Lucas came crashing through my bedroom door, ready to start the day. I luckily convinced him to lay in my bed and watch Playhouse Disney for 20 minutes. Getting up before 6am has never been one of my strengths. We came downstairs and had a typical Lucas breakfast of blueberry waffles and orange juice and fruit. Feeling abnormally awake for 6:30am, I decided to help Lucas turn a diaper box into a race car. We had an amazing hour together, gluing and coloring and cutting, laughing and making race car noises together. It was one of those moments that you wish someone was secretly capturing on video. It made me start to think that maybe I was destined to be the mother of boys. It is a pretty cool race car, if I do say so myself! Lucas thinks so too. (Don't you just love the bedhead.)
At 7:45, we woke up hubby so we could all get showered and ready to join a community outreach at one of the local elementary schools. It is not a school we are in any way connected to, just an opportunity to worship through service. So for the next 3 hours, we painted and pulled weeds and did landscaping together as a family on a gorgeous Chicago spring morning. It was hard work but just really fun. To be outside, together, and teaching Lucas the value of serving together.
We came home around noon for lunch and naps. Lucas slept for almost 3hours (which if you know anything about me and Lucas and sleeping is AMAZING in itself) and I slept for most of that myself.
The doorbell rang in the afternoon and 2 dozen beautiful roses arrived at my door. Beautiful flowers with a card from all my boys, all 5. :) I'm a lucky mom, so lucky.

The three of us went grocery shopping and then had a gourmet meal of hot dogs and baby carrots. Hubby gave Lucas a bath and I put him to bed. I was giving him a face and head massage and I thought he was asleep so I pulled my hand away. Lucas reached down and grabbed my hand. "More mommy, thank you mommy." My heart and my mouth both smiled. My sweet, tender boy.

A good day, and it even included grocery shopping. But what made it a good day was the precious moments I had with my boys. Now I am watching a fun, yet kinda deep, romantic comedy movie with hubby while playing dueling laptops and Baby Next is doing his evening gymnastics routine in my uterus. It was a fabulous Saturday before Mother's Day. Just a really good day.

Happy Mother's Day everyone - may you have a great day where you feel celebrated and cherished, full of tender moments with those you love.


Adventures In Babywearing May 11, 2008 at 7:48 AM  

Aw- yes, a good day! Happy Mother's Day!


Heather May 11, 2008 at 10:49 PM  

Oh! I LOVE the race car!!!! Love it! You are so cool.

That sounds like a fabulous day. I also love that he loved his face & head massage---so sweet!

Amanda Rose May 14, 2008 at 10:55 AM  

So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day...and I think you did a bang-up job on the car...it's fantastic!!! I'm feeling the steering wheel...

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