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>> Friday, May 23, 2008

We have this morning routine at our house...
Lucas wakes up at 5:30 (on a good day) and crashes into our room with his pillow and his "bumpa" (what he calls his blanket) in hand. I lift him into our bed and he lays between me and hubby for as long as we can convince him. Sometimes he talks to himself, sometimes he sings, and on a rare morning he may even fall back asleep for a few minutes. This morning he lay in bed singing "I'm in the Lord's Army." Very cute.
Then at around 6amd we will let him turn on the TV in our room for a few minutes so we can squeeze in just a few more minutes of rest. We usually turn on the Disney channel which, at 6am, plays
The Wiggles (in case most of y'all have children that graciously let you sleep past 6am and you might be wondering what you are missing).
Some of you out there may be familiar with this group of four Australian guys that sing silly kids songs with an array of different characters that join them. They are pretty goofy, a bit annoying but otherwise kinda entertaining and Lucas seems to enjoy them. They keep him quiet for another 15-20minutes at least.
During our morning Wiggles viewing this morning, hubby and I got into a conversation about whether or not he would ever be willing to take to Lucas to a Wiggles concert. Throughout the show they show clips of live concerts and pan the audience to reveal MANY dads who are there with their kids. He claims he would do it, but I have my doubts. Hubby asked me if they sold beer at these events. I laughed and said "NO WAY!"
"Sure they do." he replied. "That is probably how most parents get through it." Hehe. He is joking of course, mostly.

Maybe we will see for ourselves at the beginning of August when they come to our area. Or maybe we will be busy at a concert of our own. Or maybe giving birth. One of those three. :)


Katharos May 23, 2008 at 10:23 AM  

You know, I seem to remember beer available at the Sesame Street Live show we went to, but I could be wrong. Hmmm...

Earthmommy May 26, 2008 at 8:20 PM  

Farrah, I feel your pain my dear. Our 5:30-6am morening fare around here is the ever "entertaining" Lazy Town!

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